Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's great to be 8!

4 of our 5 children have birthdays within a three week time span. (I know, I know...what's that all about.)
So back in July we celebrated this sweet one:
She looks real thrilled right.
 Poor Ava wasn't feeling so well on her birthday. She decided to try a price if cake and it didn't stay with her for very long. But her brothers and sisters had no problem enjoying the cake for her.
Why the safety glasses??? I'd like to know that myself...
So Ava had a bit of a rough day but the real treat of turning 8 is that Ava could be baptized. We decided to wait a couple of weeks for the baptism for family to get into town. 
While we waited her Aunt Nikki took some really cute pictures of her:

She so got to go on a baptism date with Mom and Dad. We had dinner at PF Changs. And we got to chat with her about her upcoming baptism. We wanted to make sure that she understood the promises that she was making with Heavenly Father and the promises He was making in return. 
It was a lovely night. And Ava beamed at having both parents to herself. That doesn't happen much in a family with 5 kids. 
Art put her up there to take that picture and she was very nervous about getting in trouble for sitting there.
We topped the night off with shopping for her baptism dress and getting her ears pierced. 
I think the ear piercing pics are on Arts phone and I need to get them but she was pretty upset about the ordeal. She was all smiles until that pain hit and then it was big crocodile tears.  I'd like to say she got over it quickly...
We sure love our Ava girl. She's is growing up fast. Here are 8 great things about Ava.
1. Her smile can light up a room
2. She is the comic relief in the family
3. She is very creative ( one time she played all afternoon with unopened salad dressing bottles) pretending they wee people.
4. She is a mother hen.
5. She is great at technology. I think in time she will teach me a few things.
6. She's a snuggler. She loves to climb up on my lap. Sometimes I have to remind her that she is getting a little big for sitting on laps, but most of the time I enjoy it. 
7. Ava is a foodie just like her mom. She always has turned her nose up at typical kid food....forget Mac and cheese she wants the good stuff!
8. Ava has a dynamic personality. She keeps life exciting. 
Oh how we adore you miss Ava.

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