Monday, October 27, 2008

28 and 7!

28 and 7 those are my numbers this month! October is usually a fun month for me. First because I love Fall, and it is so fun to take the kids to the pumpkin patch and enjoy the mild weather. It is also my Birthday month and the month I celebrate my Anniversary with my Sweetheart! This year has been a little bittersweet because Art has been working out of town all month. That means we went to the pumpkin patch without him, I spent my birthday without him and now today is our 7 year Anniversary and I am without him. He does however, return home late tonight and things should return to normal...whatever that means!
While Art has been gone I have had lots of time to remember all the things I love about him! So it is in honor of our special day today, and in honor of my 28th birthday 5 days ago I make this List
28 things I love about My husband!(in no particular order...

1. His since of humor... Art has a unique way of making everyone laugh, and it has brought a lot of joy into our marriage. One night early in our marriage we were on a date with another couple and Art was joking around as usual and my friend said "he is so funny I bet you laugh constantly" I rolled my eyes, thinking it does get old after awhile. But I can think of many situations where his humor has saved us from an otherwise stressful situation!
2.He is a very hard worker
3. He has a very strong Testimony of the Gospel!
4. He is a Great Dad
5. He is an amazing cook...I love that Art enjoys cooking, he almost always cooks on the weekends and I love the break...his specialty is stir frys, I have never tasted one i didn't like!
6. His Handsome and Sincere face
7. His Big Strong Arms and calloused hands...they remind me every day how hard he works for our family!
8. He has great patience
9. His love of the Scriptures
10. His knowledge of the Scriptures
11. His love of football and all Ohio sports...Even though I am usually complaining about how much time he spends watching games!
12. His fiercely competitive nature.
13. His genuine love of all people
14. His Generosity...He would seriously give away just about anything we owned to someone who needed it...I love that about him...although I have to stop him sometimes ...Art we are not leaving that person a $20 tip, I don't care how nice they were!
15. His sometimes shyness
16. His spontaneity...he always goes along with my crazy ideas like lets go to Disney in 2 weeks.
17. His good judgement...No, Amy we can't go to Disney again, we just went last month...If he would allow we would take trips every month!
18. He always lets me choose the movie, and waits for his movies to come on video...probably because if I go to movies he likes I always fall asleep
19. I love when he speaks Hmong, and I love that because of it my kids tell their friends that they speak Hmong.
20. I love that he changes light bulbs and opens tight jars for me!
21. I love that he will feed our children in the middle of the night so I can rest!
22. I love that our kids call for daddy in the middle of the night because they know that in the wee hours of the night daddy is more patient then mommy.
23. I love that his job usually does not take him out of town
24.I love that he is very thoughtful and always surprises me with nice gifts.
25. He is very supportive of me "getting out" in the evenings when I need a break!
26. I love that he can rarely beat me at Catans.
27. I love that he calls me on his way home from work every day.
28. And most of all I love that He Loves Me...Unconditionally!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For DAD!

Today Maddie said "Mom, can I see Dad's blog?" I said this is mom and dads blog. she said well then why is it pink?? Funny girl! I thought since we were posting for dad this week we would pick something less girly! Thanks Maddie for pointing that out!

Long Over Do...Avas first day!

I told you I was behind on posting!! Ava is doing so well at preschool. She loves it. She was one of the only kids in her class that didn't have any tears. Her teacher always tells me how well she is doing and she is always comes home singing songs that she learned in school! Ava is a bright and happy girl!!! We are glad you are a part of our family and hope you enjoy your first year at preschool!!

Going into the class...Have a fun Day Ava!

Sitting with her class!

getting her teddy bear!

Ava and her princess backpack!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Much Exciting Happened Today!

Well there was really nothing notable that happened today! We had a rather blah day! But as I promised you Art here is a little funny for the day! I found Nora trying to pawn her glasses off on Jack and tried to get a couple of pictures! We miss you!

A fun week in the blogging world!

For all you who are really bored with my blog...stay tuned for a busy week of posting!!! Art is out of town for his last and final week...hopefully! and i promised him a blog a day this week so when he is bored at night after work he can have something fun to look forward to!!! I have lots to catch up on!!!