Friday, August 2, 2013

Birthday Boy!

Every year I am always so shocked at how my kids have grown. It's hard to believe that this handsome boy is now 5. He is the first boy in our family and he is spoiled rotten by his sisters. 
I asked Jack what he wanted for his birthday dinner. He chose ice cream, very typical of this little boy. 
5 things I love about the birthday Boy:

1. He is a rule follower. He loves being obedient. What mom wouldn't love that.

2. He is a protecter. He guards his baby brother. It's not unusual to find Jack telling our home nurses which toys Henry likes, and what they need to be doing for them. 

3. He love to cook. When it's time to make dinner, He always grabs an apron and joins right in. He won't ever help out in the kitchen without an apron. 

4. He likes likes to be clean. He is much neater then any of my girls!

5. He still climbs into bed with me. And that means He isn't all grown up just yet, so I plan to soak it in for a little while longer. 
We are sure happy we have Jack!!
Happy Birthday buddy. 

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