Friday, May 29, 2009

Avas last week of school!

We had such a fun school year with Maddie and Ava both at the same preschool together. It made my heart melt every morning as watched them walk in the school hand in hand. There we a LOT of fun activities as we finished up the school year. Avas class had a teddy bear picnic and then a trip to the zoo. We had a great week. and I am happy to be on a more relaxed summer schedule now! We had a great year though. The girls both had really great teachers, whom they adored! Here are some pictures from Avas picnic and zoo trip.

Ava with Mrs Taylor

Ava with Mrs Thompson

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lots to catch up on!

I am way behind on posting I doubt anyone still checks for updates. SO hopefully over the next few days i will get some new post up. here are some photos from the Indains game we went to while my sister and brother were both in town! Thanks to Dave for getting us the suite. It was the perfect way to take all the kids to a game. We could contain them and we had a bathroom in the room! we could also go inside and get warm, it was a bit chilly that night. they loved it. Brent thinks that would make a nice bachelor pad. him living at the ball field.he could order food when he wanted and open the curtains when the game was on! i think it sounds like a great idea! we sure had fun! the Cavs playoff game was also going on and we could watch that inside...Art was in heaven..At a baseball game and watching the Cavs on the TV win. And its always nice when the whole fam can be together!