Friday, May 25, 2007

A few more photos of our little Barbeque

Afternoon Nap

The missionaries were coming for dinner and we were going to put some Brats on the grill. We go outside and Maddie is so tired, she was falling asleep on one of the chairs. SO I told her to go lay in the grass...I went and got her a blanket and out she went! It was so cute I had to take some pictures. And for those who know Maddie very well...know that falling asleep in the middle of the day is not a normal occurance for her, seeing as she stopped napping before age 2. She slept out there for about 2 hours completly missing dinner, but poor thing when she woke up she was running a fever!!! Now it all makes sense!

Maddie and Caden!

When Caden and his family moved here from Califonia a couple of months ago, Maddie and Caden became fast friends. It has gotten to the point that Maddie will have meltdowns if I tell her we are not going to see Caden that day. It's cute, and really nice for her to have a good friend that lives close! I took these pictures one hot afternoon when we broke the pool out for the first time!

Thanks DAD!!

The girls were soo excited to wake up and see that Art had gotten them dougnuts for breakfast. Maddie said he even got the sprinkles...they are my favorite. I took a few pictures!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

10 Months

Nora Kate is 10 months old. I have been trying to take some photos of her becasue being the 3rd she has gotten a little neglected and I feel bad. She is such a cute and happy baby we love having her a part of our family!!! She now pulls herself up and walks along the furniture we suspect that before too long she will be off walking!!! Boo hoo! My baby's growing up!!!

Naked Kareoke!

This mothers day after dinner we had a round of Kareoke! The kids all loved it and here are some pictures of Ava and her cousin Ammon. The funniest part was when Ava took off her shirt because Ammon had his off. Good thing they are only 2!

Nora's tricks

Monday, May 7, 2007

Maddie's turn to sing!

Ava singing

Country Girls!!

Thank Heavens for nice weather... We have been getting outside as much as possible. The girls love playing on Daddys lawn tractor!!! And when they are especially good he will give them rides around the yard...with the blades up of course!!