Saturday, September 29, 2007

Butterflys and Tigers!

We went to the zoo and stood in line for quite some time so the girls could get their faces painted!!! Maddie got a butterfly and Avas was a tiger! they looked so cute and I thought it was definatly worth the wait. We had a fun day adn I was impressed at how still Ava sat for the lady to paint her face!

Maddies first Day of School!

Getting Ready!!!
Maddie was so excited on her first day of school! She couldn't wait to get there. I was fine up until we got there and she started hanging up her backpack and I started crying!! There she was my first baby girl...old enough to start school!!! She had a great first day. Ava was a little sad at having to leave her sister there but we recovered and were very excited to go pick her up and hear about the first day!! She loves school and I am so happy about that. This is such a good experience for her...I'll be fine until next year when I'll be dropping Ava off too!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Well...This week has been fun, getting Maddie for preschool. I am excited but nervous to send her off to preschool but she is so excited! I know it will be a good experience for her to be on her own a little and to meet some new friends! Art and I went to the parent orientation and got to meet her teachers and to see her classroom! It was a new experience for Art and I. We are very excited and proud as her parents as she is growing up to be such a beautiful and bright young lady. We are excited to see her growth this next year as she gets to assert some of her independance.