Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scripture Power!

After Listening to General Conference this past Oct., I was convinced that we could do a better job with our family scripture reading. We always tried to read but often times it ended sourly with loud misbehaving kids.
After Listening to this talk  Stay on the Path I decided that considering the ages of our children we needed to focus a little more on quality then quantity. So we started the Book of Mormon again. Maddie is a great reader and loves to read as many verses as we will allow. Ava is coming along great on her reading and usually gets through just one verse with help. And Jack and Nora take a turn also. Sometimes it is short and sweet and only takes a few minutes but the consistency had been wonderful for the kids.

The other night as we were reading about Nephi and his brothers getting the brass plates from Laban, Art spontaneously assigned everyone parts and we acted it out. It was great fun and the kids are learning a lot.

Each night as we gather for scriptures we sing Scripture Power. The kids all love that song and even Jack has learned it and it's not rare to hear him singing it around the house at any time of day.