Saturday, June 30, 2007

TIm and Faith Mania!

Last night was amazing! We went to see Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill for their Soul2Soul tour! Nikki and I went and we had great seats! Faith is beautiful...Tim is Hott and they both can sing.. what more could anyone want! We had such a great time and even though I didn't make it home till 2:30 am and I was well worth the money and time spent!! I am including some pictures and videos I got!! Because our seats were so good I was able to get some pretty good shots!!! ENJOY!

It's Your Love!

Tim and Faith

our awesome view!

I Need You!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Me being Goofy!
360 members strong!!
This past Monday night we went to an awesome concert! The Mormon Tabernacle Choir! It was a great show...and fun to see them perform since they almost never come to this area! I actually got a night out. Art stayed with the kids and I went with my parents and siblings! my kids were sick and after working in 90 degree weather all day Art opted to stay in the AC. We had a great time picknicing on the lawn. And the MOTABreally is "America's Choir"
PS...I can't lie though...I am much more excited about Nikki and I going to see the Tim and Faith concert this weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

African Wildlife Safari!

Long Horns!

Giraffe coming in for a carrot!

Maddie on a camel


Family Fun!

On Saturday when Art got home from work I suggested we take the kids to this African Wildlife Safari where you drive-through and all these animals come right up to your car and you feed them. Art was a little hesitent because of the long drive...but we were both glad that we went because it was hysterical! All these deer, elk, longhorns, buffalo, giraffes,etc were putting there heads right in our window in search of something to could buy carrots to feed them. We loved it!!! The girls loved it...we got some video footage of this buffalo. It gets kinda crazy at the end because the buffalo started putting his head in further in search of more carrots!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Funny Swimming~

Yesterday Maddie, Nora, and I went outside to fill up our little pool so the kids could cool off. I went to get back in the house to get the kids swimsuits and realized that we were locked out...And Ava was inside napping....I had nothing outside but my phone...thankfully. So i called Heidi and being the sweet person that she is she came right over and managed to break in the house. By this time Ava was awake and Masddie was already soaked in her we just said forget it to the swim suits and they got wet in their clothes...But then i noticed Avas diaper and had to take a few pictures.

Memorial Day at the ZOO!

Here are some pictures from Memorial Day. We went to the zoo with the Kline's. We got a zoo pass this year so we have gone a lot...Each time though the kids find something to do that we haven't done before...Like this time we found this cute old fashioned village, complete with a log cabin house and general store. The kids had so much fun and Maddie got dressed up.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Go Cavs!

Well we had a fun weekend... But the kids are suffering because of it. We kept the kids up at a friends house until after midnight to watch the Cleveland Caveliers advance to the finals Saturday night. We were all so excited but the kids are so tired today. Church was rough, and tonight Ava just didn't want to go to bed. Art went and laid down with her for a while and when he came out he said i think she is almost asleep. Well a couple minutes later she came out of her room crying again and I said "Ava whats wrong? Why won't you stay in bed?" and with her cutest whine possible she said "dogs, scawy (scary)" You see we have these neighbor dogs that like to bark and Ava quickly learned that she got sympathy from me if she was afraid of the dogs...Now the dogs were not even barking and she has learned to say "dogs scawy" every time she is trying to avoid bed or nap. It is amazing to me how quickly children pick up on these tactics! But I am such a sucker for my kids and their sweetness, that I went in her room with her and she gave me hugs and kisses and quickly went to sleep. Now do you see why she uses those tactics...Because the work EVERY TIME! But it's hard NOT to be crazy about this little trouble maker who has very obviously entered the terrible twos!!