Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I found this very touching!!!

I feel privleged to have been able to learn from President Hinckley nearly my whole life. He truly is an example of all that is good, and He will be missed!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This one will make you dizzy!!

Maddie really wanted to share this with everyone!

They brighten my days!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I've been tagged!

Well I have been nice and sick the last month therefore not much has been going on from me in the blogging world! But since my sister Nikki decided to tag me I guess I will go ahead and try to do this!
So I am supposed to write 7 little known or unusual facts about me. I tend to think that I am pretty much an open book and have nothing new to share but I'll try!

1. I've have always wanted to be a meteorologist. Well maybe not always but I think it would be great. I have always been afraid of storms and always sat glued to the TV during one. So maybe that is where I got my love!

2. Since I am right in the worst part of pregnancy-the first Trimester, I thought I would share that my favorite part of being pregnant is the labor. I actually get excited for labor...pain and all. I find it very thrilling and exciting and prefer it to be as natural as possible! And then at the end there is a great reward!

3. I love watching old sitcoms! Full House and Whos the Boss are among my favorites! And Thank Goodness for DVR because I can have them available to watch anytime there is nothing better to watch on TV and I have even converted my kids to love the Full House Family...It's a nice change of pace from cartoons some times!

4. I am a little bit of a computer junkie! I have a small obsession with jumping on the computer every time I walk by to check my email or check my friends blogs to see whats going on in the world. If it's a particularly boring day I sometimes check like every hour...mainly out of boredom...I know...lame but keep your blogs interesting for me k??

5. I love to cook! That is when I am not having morning sickness!! I love to gather new recipes and try them. Thankfully Art is not too picky there are a few things he won't eat...Tomatoes to name one! The kids on the other hand are another story. I know if I am making something too "wierd" I better have a back up plan for the kids.

6. I love throwing parties and having people over! Partly because of the previous answer that I love to cook. I only wish my house was a little bigger for entertaining all those guests!

7. I hate getting up in the morning. I wish I could sleep in everyday! My ususal wake up call theses days is someone in my bed going mom it's daytime get up! i prefer to wake up all on my own. That never happens anymore!!!

Ok there you have it!!