Sunday, August 19, 2007

Harvest Time!

Art's Uncle has been kind enough to give us yummy corn on the cob from his fields...We decided to get a bunch and freeze it!!! We had a fun afternoon...Art and I along with his mom and the girls!! We each took a job! Nora's part was just eating...she was eating the corn off the cob raw it was so cute and funny! Art and I were goofing off taking pictures of each other doing our jobs!! The corn tastes awesome and we have been eating it like crazy!!!! We need to try and do a bunch more before the season is over!!! We thought 5 dozen would be enough but it is soo good we can't get enough!

Another fun adventure! The Kalahari!

Thanks to the Kitchen Family we scored some free passes to The Kalahari, this really great indoor water park. Art took the day off work and we were able to spend the whole day having tons of fun! We were a little nervous at first...seeing as our kids are so young and they might not be enough for them to do...but there was tons for all ages...and we just passed of the kids back and forth so Art and I could take turns on the bigger slides! Maddie did some pretty big slides the biggest they would let her do for her height! I was impressed with her courage. But is you ask her what her favorite part was..SHe will tell you it was the Hot Tub! Go Figure! They had this great indoor/outdoor hot tub and the kids couldn't get enough!! We had an amazing day and we are already talking about going back! Here are a few pictures. I didn't get as many as i had hoped...but it was kinda hard seeing as we were in water adn i really didn't want to ruin my fairly new camera!

Monday, August 13, 2007

What a Fun Summer!

WOW! I must say that I have really enjoyed the summer with the kids...It has been really nice to enjoy playing with the kids all summer and to NOT be having a new baby..since that is what I did the last two summers!! Here are some pictures from the county fair. It was youth day and all the kids got in free! We went and had a fun day despite the heat it was 94 degrees out and probably 100% humidity which made it feel even hotter. It was absolutly miserable...At one point I had to find myself a nice shade tree and hide from the sun as I was begining to get sick...of course my ride on th carousel didn't help that! Me and rides don't get along so well! In any case the kids didn't seem to mind the heat and enjoyed riding all the rides..and seemed to love when we poured water on their heads to keep them cool! THe kids also loved holding the 4-H bunnies too!! Enjoy!