Monday, April 23, 2007

"Beer in Mexico"

So as many of my friends know I love country music! So today I was having lunch with the kids and we were listening to the radio, country of course and the song came on that goes " I'm gonna sit right here and have another beer in Mexico." I'm just singing along and next thing I notice is Maddie joining in on the song. I start thinking...Gosh I better be careful about what I am listening and singing to, because she was picking it up. So i say to Maddie "We don't drink beer, right Maddie?" She says "Yeah mom, "Beers" go on our chins, right??" I laughed so hard and realized she just thought we were singing a song about facial hair!

Cutie Girls

A Day at the Zoo!

we had a great trip to the zoo on Saturday! The weather is finally turning nice and is hopefully going to say nice for a few months. We had to get out and enjoy the sunshine! Plus we wanted to enjoy Art being home since summer Saturdays get pretty busy in his work.

Many requests!!!

Thanks to all the request for new photos of the kids...i too have joined the blog bandwagon. Hopefully I can keep this updated with family photos, and happenings for those family and friends who care to keep up!!!
Heres a few photos to start us off. Maddie and Ava enjoying cookies and milk and Nora on the Xylaphone!!