Friday, December 31, 2010

A Tale of a Dream Come True Part 2!

I need to keep up with my trip log. I don't want to forget the details of our vacation.
We woke up on the second day of our trip ate a nice breakfast at the hotel and headed for our next destination. Tallahassee,FL.  We went there to visit Art's sister Lori who has been living there for the past 2yrs. We were able to visit with thir family and have a nice Southern Thanksgiving Dinner complete with macaroni and cheese, fried okra, and mince meat pie. It was a nice visit and meal, but we were anxious to get back in the car and make our way to Orlando. We of course ran into rain, which was pretty much the story of our ttrip down there. We drove through some pretty intese rainstorms. We worried a lot about our luggage which was in a canvas cartop carrier. Overall our stuff stayed pretty dry, which was amazing considering the conditions! We arrived at Baymont Inn and Suites, our destination for the night. We went to bed happy to be done with traveling for the rest of the week.
Day two did not have many photos but here are a few of our visit with Lori.

We got to meet Kathryn for the first time.

Here is Robert

Here is everyone Rockin Out to Taylor Swift

Mom behind the Wheel

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Tale of a Dream Come True!

We just got back from an amazing family vacation to Disney World. We decided to take the kids out of school to go and enjoy the parks all decked out for Christmas, without the major crowds that a school holiday brings. We started our journey on Thanksgiving day. It proved to be a really great day to travel. There was really no traffic....there was some torrential rain....but no traffic. We left early 4 am and the kids were in pretty good spirits. They had movies GALORE  and a DS, Leapster, Laptop and I pod. So there was plenty to keep everyone busy and entertained. Also there was plenty to fight over too. Over all we had a really nice first day and we were so excited when we reached Tennesse and we could feel the warmer temperature and we could go without coats.

Our ending destination for the first day was Atlanta, GA. We got there about 5pm. The hotel we stayed at had a nice complimentary dinner and got everyone settled down for a good night sleep. Getting everyone settled down was not the easiest task, the kids were way too excited to be in a hotel, I know we could be heard clear down the hall. But eventually all were asleep and we could get ready for day #2 of driving.
Some photo and videos of Day #1.
So happy to finally be in Tennessee!

Jack and Nora Passed out!

                                                            Jack is gaming.

Nora's turn on the DS

Ahh...the rain!!!

Happy Travelers!!!

Jack loved his suitcase. He insisted he pull it all by himself! Infact everyone pulled their own bag. it was great!!!

Finally settling down for the night!