Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's time to update!

I have been thinking about this blog for the last few months. Wanting to update it, but I have just been lacking the energy. Always a lot going on in our world.
I am happy to report that we are all doing well.
I do think an update on the kids is in order....
Youngest to Oldest...
Jack William-

I am loving my little man. He turned 2 and he has really grown up. He is not my baby anymore. It has been fun having boy. He is talking so much now and always let us know what he wants. He is now 32lbs and weighs as much as Nora his older sister by 2 years. I am not used to this size and he is growing my muscles everytime I pick him up. He loves to eat and he can open the fridge all by himself. I really need to get one othose locks. We just moved hom out of his crib when he learned to climb out. He loves his "truck Bed" as he like to call it. He is a happy and busy 2 year old and he keeps me on my toes. We love having him as a part of our family. His sisters adore him. Now that the older two girls are in school Nora and Jack have become great buddies, it is fun to watch them play together. I can hardly believe how fast he is growing up.

Nora Kate:
Our Sweet 4 year old. She is just a bright and happy girl, always. She has always been an easy child and I am thankful for that. She is in preschool this year. We are once again doing a home preschool. This year we have just 3 girls. It has been a lot of fun. Nora really looks forward to it. We have already had a field trip to the zoo. I am really enjoying teaching her. It's neat for me to see her growing up. I want to soak up this last year before she heads off to school. She has also started ballet. Her friend Xandra is in her class, and she really looks forward to it. It's fun to see her interests develop. Nora has always been a big sweetheart, and still is.

Stay Tuned for the Rest of the Update.