Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Weekend!

Easter Basket Excitement!
Maddie dipped her hand in the green dye and I thought she looked like Elphaba from Wicked!!!
Coloring Eggs!!
Easter Egg Hunt at Jim and Sue's.
Gorgeous Girls on Easter morning!
We had a really fun Easter weekend. We did everything from coloring eggs, to multiple Egg hunts, to having Family Home Evening lessons about what really happened on Easter! The kids learned a lot and had a lot of fun!!! We spent Easter Sunday at my sister Nikki's the kids enjoyed spending the time with their cousins. Here are a few photos from our fun weekend!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Funny, Funny Girls!

I love my kids!!! Most days they are constantly making me laugh with the silly things they say or do!! There were two funny sayings this week that I wanted to get down before I forget!!

-One night at the dinner table I was getting frustrated with how wild the girls were acting! So I sat down and sarcastically said "I love my kids!!" Well Maddie, not catching the sarcasm said, "I love my Adults!!" I laughed so hard and it definitely lightened my mood!

-Monday night we were "trying" to have Family Home Evening. Maddie seems to be the only child thus far who will actually pay attention and listen. So we have been working hard especially on Ava-our wild child, to get her to settle down and pay attention a little bit! Art was teaching about prayer and he asked Ava "How do we start a prayer?" She yelled out "Jesus!" Then Art said "no that's not it" And she hollered out again, "Nephi" We all just busted up laughing! And I was actually pleased that although she didn't give the correct answer, I thought maybe she is learning a few things after all!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Too Much TV?

"UH Yego Mom" is what my 19 month old Nora greeted me with when I got her out of her crib this morning! Which translates to "Watch Diego, Mom" I had to laugh because Diego has become a favorite around our house...a little strange seeing as we have all girls...but they love it! But I thought gee... have we been watching to much TV when even little Nora is begging to watch first thing out of bed.
I will admit this pregnancy has been hard, more sickness then ever! That combined with this awful winter we have be stuck indoors a a lot and the kids have been watching too much TV!
Now that I am feeling better I am committing to seriously getting back to less TV. And I am anxiously looking forward to some good backyard time SOON..I hope!!
But I had to laugh at Nora this morning she is growing up too fast!

PS Does this picture bring back any memories nikki,april, mom?